Policy Positions

Pro 15 through its membership takes positions and stands on various issues which affect Northeast Colorado. Pro 15 also takes positions on various state and federal amendments up for vote. Pro 15 does not take positions or support individual candidates. Pro 15 is a non partisan organization and all are welcome at the table that support the mission of the organization. The following are positions our membership has taken to date.

General Positions & Letters of Support

Fair Districts Fair Elections Prospectus

Pro 15 Resolutions, Policy Statements & Principles

Agriculture, Water & Natural Resources


Agriculture Water Rights 2001

Value Added Agriculture 2001

USDA-CSU Research Station Funding 2001

EPA-Confined Animal Feeding Operations 2001

Irrigation Research Foundation Funding 2001

Rural Communities 2001

Wider Use of Biofuel 2001

Private Property Rights 2001

Colorado Strategic Plan for Noxious Weed Management 2001

Agriculture Education 2002

Water 2002

Animal Identification 2004

South Platte River Basin Wells 2006

Support of Action 22 on Pinon Canyon 2008

Conservation Reserve Program 2009

Support of NISP AWN-2009-19


Industrial Hemp

Policy Statements


Progressive 15 urges the Governor and the Commissioner of Agriculture to be actively involved in promoting and defending Colorado’s agriculture interest in international trade negotiations and engage Colorado’s agriculture organizations in developing a strategy to this end.


Progressive 15 believes that agriculture is an integral part of its economic base and urges the Governor to convene a task force to assess the future of agriculture in Colorado and make appropriate recommendations as to what the State of Colorado can do to ensure a viable future for this important industry.


Progressive 15 urges any changes in policies or laws on use of chemicals in agriculture, mining, etc. are based on sound scientific evidence.


Progressive 15 supports protection of personal property rights


Progressive 15 believes agriculture land condemnation for economic development should not be allowed


Colorado 64 Water Principles

Business and Labor


State Boards and Commissions 2001

Enterprise Zones 2001

Colorado First and Existing Industry Training Program 2001

Statewide Growth Limitation Initiative 2001

Advocate Affordable High Speed Broadband Access for the Region 2001

Telecommunications Infrastructure 2001

Support for The Development of Renewable Energy 2003

Biopharmaceutical Economic Impact 2003

Supporting the Equitable Distribution of Universal Service Support 2003

Universal Service Fund Resolution

Immigration Resolution

Policy Statements


Progressive 15 urges the Colorado Tourism Office and the Colorado Tourism Board to promote agri-tourism, agriculture, cultural tourism, by-ways, heritage tourism, the Eastern Plains and the entire State of Colorado in its photography and marketing.


Progressive 15 believes water impacts economic development


Telecomm Principles C20-A22-P15



Health & Human Services


Supporting Access to Affordable Transit Systems 2001

Supporting Access to Quality Affordable Health Care Insurance 2001

Position on TORT Reform in Medical Malpractice 2001

Position on the Growing Problem of Methamphetamine Use in Rural Colorado 2002


Healthy 58 Principles

Local Government


Allocation of Energy Impact Funds 2007

Policy Statements


Progressive 15 believes that fiscal limits should be statutory in nature and opposes the placement of additional fiscal limitations within the state constitution.


Progressive 15 supports retaining the opportunity for voters to approve proposed tax increases

Transportation & Energy


Highway Shoulder Widths 2001

Highway Design Standards 2001

Colorado Department of Transportation Project Priority Planning Process 2001

2003 Strategic Investment Plan by the Transportation Commission of the State of Colorado 2002

2003 Strategic Investment Plan by the Transportation Commission of the State of Colorado Designation of Heartland South Corridor and Connecting Corridor 2002

National Highway Designation for Highway 71 2002

I-76 E-470 Interchanges 2004

2035 StatewideTransportation Plan of the Transportation Commission of the State of Colorado 2007

Eastern Plains Transmission Project 2007

Resolution to Support the Governors Transportation Finance and Implementation Panel Report and Funding Threshold Recommendations 2008

Opposing Expanded Oversight by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission Over Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Inc 2009

Hydraulic Fracking

Federal Highway Funding

EPA Regulations on Carbon


Rural Freight Corridors

Transportation Bonding Guidelines

Policy Statements


Progressive 15 requests CDOT to adopt rules (consistent with USDOT) which provide year around opportunity for ag producers to advertise on-farm products                           


Progressive 15 supports a comprehensive study of existing regulations and associated impacts to

state and local roadways and movement of goods within, to from and through Colorado

regarding vehicle weights and configuration including those affecting agriculture commodities


Progressive 15 supports efforts to fund and develop the federally designated North / South Trade

corridors affecting Colorado; Ports to Plains and Heartland Express


Progressive 15 supports efforts to fund and develop North / South Trade Corridor High

Plains Highway 385


Progressive 15 urges, encourages and support efforts within Northeast Colorado to direct the

State of Colorado to secure additional funding through innovative and creative methods to

address the maintenance and repair of the transportation infrastructure of the region.


Progressive 15 urges collaborative efforts to expand federal and state funding options to improve

the state wide transportation system.


Trans Principles 12-20-05

Energy Principles October 2011



2016 Ballot Positions




Health Care Oppose Amendment 69
Oil & Gas Oppose Initiative 78 Setback
Oil & Gas Oppose Initiative 75 local gvt control
Raise The Bar Support Initiative 96 More difficult to amend constitution
Let Colorado Vote Support Initiative 98 Primaries
Raising Min Wage Oppose Initiative 101 State Minimum Wage
Presidential Primary – 1st in West Support Initiative 140 Presidential Primaries
No Position Initiative 143 Tobacco Tax
No Position Initiative 145 Medical Aid in Dying