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High Plains Award

Alumni of the Plains:    This award is given to individuals who graduated from high school in one of the Pro 15 counties and have excelled in their profession and/or have given back to the area.

Partner(s) of the Year:   Those that have been cheerleaders for Pro 15 and for the region.  Generally from a partner organization or public office.

High Plains Award:   Awarded to someone who exemplifies the grit, determination and support for the high plains of Northeast Colorado

Chairman of the Board Award:   Someone who has assisted the Chairman in their work

Executive Director Award:  Supported the Director in addition to supporting the mission of Pro 15.

Legislators of the Year:  Given to legislators who have assisted the work of Pro 15

2019 Award Recipients

Alumni of the Plains

Jerry Sonnenberg             Kathay Rennels               Dave Stone

Partners of the Year

Kelly Brough           Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

Kathy Gilliland             Transportation Commissioner for State of Colorado

Betsy Markey                Office of Economic Development and International  Trade

High Plains Award

Keith Bath

Keith Bath Farms

Fort Morgan, CO

Chairman of the Board Award

Paula Weeks, Administrator for Kit Carson County


Executive Director's Award

Melanie Worley, Chairman of the Board when Director was hired in 2005


2018 Award Recipients

Alumni of the Plains

Darlene Carpio         Robin Wiley         Ken Kreutzer        Ray Gonzales     

Brad Wind        Jeff Cure         Bob Briggs       Mark Hillman      Eric Lubbers

Partners of the Year

Colorado State Ag Commissioner  Don Brown

Colorado Department of Local Affairs Director   Irv Halter

Colorado Water Guru  John Stulp

Chairman of the Board Award



Executive Director's Award

Joe Kiely 


2017 Award Recipients

Alumni of the Plains

J J Ament          Marlin Eisenach          Nadeen Ibrahim          Troy Whitmore

Lisa Johnson          Maranda Miller         Don Brown          Jones

Partners of the Year

Senator Nancy Todd

Representative Jon Becker

2016 Award Recipients

Dr. Anne Manchester 2016 Alumni Of The Plains
Dave Gwyn 2016 Alumni Of The Plains

Dave Gwyn

Kit Carson

2014 Award Recipients

Pro15 Icon
Lola Spradley 2014 Alumni Of The Plains

Lola Spradley

Fort Morgan

Karla Rosas 2014 Alumni Of The Plains

Karla Rosas


James Graff 2014 Alumni Of The Plains

James Graff

Fort Morgan

Gary Debus 2014 Alumni Of The Plains

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