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Issues in Ag
Proving the Possible – A report prepared by Colorado Succeeds
Attorney General Debate
EDCC Citizens Survey 1
Governor’s Debate
EDCC Citizens Survey 2
Progressive 15 Economic Outlook
KC Fed Main Street Economist Rural Rebound in 2010
2007 Farm Bill Update
Poop to Power
Colorado 64 Water Principles
Telecomm Principles
Healthy 58 Principles
Tom Cech Water Speech
Homeland Security 101
Colorado Economic Futures Panel-Final Report
City of Aurora Water Presentation
Economic Impacts of Water
Dept of Health-Water Summit Program overview 
Colorado Economic Futures Panel-Final Report
CSU South Platte River Study
State of Our Region Presentation to Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce – May 2007
Governors Transportation and Implementation Panel Overview
Colorado Housing Investment Fund Presentation
Looking Forward – After Ref C
Rail Relocation Study
2008 Spring Meeting Ports to Plains presentation
Colorado A Battleground for politics-Progressive 15-Sept 2008
Senator Ken Salazar Regional Plans
2008 Labor Study in NE Colorado
American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009
FASTER Bill Summary
FASTER Surcharge Sheet
Independent Ethics Commission Gifts from Lobbyist
Independent Ethics Commission University Professors
Independent Ethics Commission Lunch with Lobbyist
Independent Ethics Commission Lunches
Independent Ethics Commission Travel
125 Bridges by County
Economic Outlook for Colorado Agriculture
Agricultures Strategic Role in Feeding and Fueling A Growing World
Colorado’s Agricultural Exports
Future Directions for US Agriculture Crops and Livestock Abner Womack
Transportation Economic Stimulus Report
Rocky Mountain Rail Authority Alternatives Fact Sheet FINAL
Independent Ethics Commission Ruling on Meals to Board Members
Rupri Report on Presidents Budget and Rural America
ARRA presentation EECBG Eastern CO
ARRA Labor and Employment
GEO Progressive 15
Mining Presentation
Acceptance of a Fellowship
Colorado Meth Project
Colorado Fiscal Challenges – 2010 Ballot
Regional Watershed Supply Project
Ports to Plains Energy Connection
Civic Engagement Statewide Summary Report
Progressive 15 Bill Tracking
2010 House Committees
2010 Senate Committees

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